A selection of testimonials from our clients and media professionals.


“Tremendous response to the FT article… we have had upwards of 500 enquiries! A recommended Travel PR Agency”
Antony Rivolta

Co-founder, Jet Partner


“We needed a luxury PR specialist to coordinate the global launch of our first ever consumer product. Creative and dynamic, Jori White PR fitted the bill perfectly. We were delighted with the results”
Michele Channer

International Sales Director, Hasselblad


“We have been very happy and proud that you chose to represent us on our first great challenge outside of Denmark. You and your team have been fantastic and we are very pleased with the result.”
Jesper Boelskifte




“I have worked with JWPR for a number of years now and have always found them to be dynamic, creative and totally committed. The restaurant scene in London is highly competitive but by thinking outside the box, they give their clients a real edge.”
Sriram Aylur

Quilon Restaurant



“Not only did Jori White PR understand our venture more than the next agency, they wanted it more. Fiercely driven, focused and polished, they deliver results not promises. Choosing them was a simple decision.”
Ollie Dabbous

Dabbous Restaurant



“When hiring a PR company, you are placing a large amount of your brand and public image in their hands and for this to be effective requires a lot of trust. Jori and her team recognise this and dive deep into a client’s ethos and expectations as a first step. This way they become an integral part of your team rather than an external consultant. On top of this, Jori is always on the case.”
Iqbal Wahab

Roast Restaurant



“The team at Jori White PR was quick to understand the significance of our inaugural London event, and parlayed that into substantial press coverage, in the right markets.”

RM Auctions





“Good PR is relevant, interesting, concise and immediate. Writers are all keen to learn stuff but only a handful of PR agencies manage the basics efficiently. That’s why I listen to outfits like Jori White PR”

Dylan Jones, Editor, GQ



“Jori and her team are head and shoulders above the competition. They always deliver”

Lesley Thomas, Editor, Times Weekend


eveing standard

“Jori White is ‘the girl who gives good quote.’”

Evening Standard


sunday times

“Jori has been a great friend, useful contact and wonderful colleague over the years. We always enjoy working together and probably have more fun than we should do.”

Tiffanie Darke

Creative Content Director, News UK