Project Description




To handle the launch and public relations activity for Jet Partner, the world’s first private jet empty leg specialist


Jori White PR began the campaign by distributing press information targeted at three different audiences: aviation trade, consumer lifestyle and business

The first in a programme of press trips was then implemented; FT How to Spend It, Superyacht World and Elite Traveler were just some of those flown to Reims to visit the Dom Pérignon cellars in Epernay. This was followed by a second trip to Ibiza – this time working with a private villa company and Bambuddha restaurant

Jets were also used as props in fashion shoots with luxury titles such as The Player, Epicurean Life and Formula Life

Receptions in London cross pollinating with Jori White PR clients are being held to introduce the concept to key media including Telegraph Luxury


Jet Partner’s profile has been raised considerably, particularly in the all-important luxury lifestyle arena. The FT How To Spend It feature attracted more than 500 enquiries in the first week after publication. The company is now looking to expand into other territories outside of Europe, including the United States